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Bob Panich Consultancy Pty Ltd  is a Quality Endorsed  Company with international and local clients including Telstra, the State Rail Authority, the Roads and Traffic Authority and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School...
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Bob Panich Consultancy Pty Ltd is a Quality Endorsed Company with international, local and interstate clients including Telstra and NDC, the NSW SRA, NSW RTA and the Traffic Authorities throughout Australia.

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Traffic Signal hardware

Vehicular Traffic Signals

The BPC lantern is an Australian design that meets all the requirements of the Australian Standard for Traffic Signal Lanterns- AS 2144.

 BPC Traffic Lantern The signal housing is available as a sturdy aluminium die cast, light aluminium extrusion or polycarbonate UV protected. The metal body lanterns have a longer life. However, the polycarbonate signal is cheaper and much lighter in weight.

The visors are fabricated aluminium or polycarbonate while the doors are injection moulded. The doors open with a small pin hinge device and there is no need for special tools. In fact it is possible to open the doors with one hand. The doors hinge on both sides and so open from left to right or from right to left. The double sided opening makes access to the optical system extremely easy. The interior is roomy and tidy and the wiring is to Australian Standards.

 BPC Traffic Lantern hinged open

View the features, advantages and benefits of the BPC lantern.

The Optical Assembly

All BPC optical assemblies meet the requirements set out in the Australian standard, AS 2144. All of the components have a locating key to ensure that the manufacturer and maintenance crews assemble the optics correctly. That means that the optics will always be assembled as intended.

There are two different types of assemblies, distinguished by whether the lamp is mounted from the front or back of the reflector. Both assemblies utilise a low voltage quartz halogen lamp that has a life of approximately 6000 hours. The use of this lamp requires the use of a transformer. The transformer that BPC uses is an energy efficient toroidal transformer that also helps to reduce the entire weight. The toroidals are manufactured in Queensland, Australia.

Basic Features of the Optical Assembly
  • meets the requirements of AS2144
  • is a semi-sealed beam
  • has an ingress protection of IP52
  • lenses, reflector, masks and gaskets are all keyed for assembly
  • has the option of a front or rear mount lamp
  • lamp change is a simple one handed operation
  • has a dual lead lamp
  • septum reduces the effects of sun phantom
  • uses an energy efficient (10V-35W), long life quartz halogen candescent lamp

Housing Type
Cast Aluminium
Fabricated Aluminium
Weight 3 Aspect 13kg 9kg 7.5kg
Approximate Life More than 25 years More than 25 years At least 15 years
Protection Intrinsic and powder coated Intrinsic and powder coated UV treated


LED technology is used increasingly in the traffic control worldwide and the BPC has a full range of LED traffic signal equipment that meets all of the requirements of AS 2144:2002.

BPC can offer the complete units, LED modules in 200mm or 300mm diameter, in 200mm in aluminium or polycarbonate housings. Full or symbolic LED modules for vehicular and pedestrian traffic including arrows, figures and bicycles are available.
If required we can assist in retrofit by supplying ready-wired LED modules which are easy to install in your existing housings.
Please contact us for further information.

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