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Bob Panich Consultancy Pty Ltd  is a Quality Endorsed  Company with international and local clients including Telstra, the State Rail Authority, the Roads and Traffic Authority and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School...
BPC Products
Bob Panich Consultancy Pty Ltd is a Quality Endorsed Company with international, local and interstate clients including Telstra and NDC, the NSW SRA, NSW RTA and the Traffic Authorities throughout Australia.

BPC Products

Traffic Lights 
Pedestrian Lights 
Accessible Systems 
Signal Accessories 

Traffic Signal Hardware
Traffic Signal Hardware. -Pedestrian Push Buttons. Traffic Lanterns. Accessible Systems.

Traffic Signal Accessories & Spare Parts

Bob Panich Consultancy provides a full range of accessories for all traffic signal equipment, including Termination & Isolation and Lantern Accessories.

Termination & Isolation

Termination and isolation
The Post Top Assembly is flexible enough to accommodate differing termination needs.

1. The Post Top Assembly
2. The Wire Rope Assembly

Post Top Assembly

The mounting bracket is also the upper mounting assembly bracket for four lanterns.

The polypropylene finial cap is a long lasting and durable plastic that holds its colour for decades.

The post top assembly provides termination for 29 or 59 core cable, however the assembly is capable of handling all configuration requirements.

The arresting wire rope assembly prevents the finial cap from becoming detached from the assembly.

Terminal Assembly- Mast Arm

Provides termination for a mast arm or gantry situation. The assembly is slim line with up to six entrances for conduit cable.
Terminal Box Assembly The Mast Arm Terminal Box

Fuse Box Assembly
The Fuse Box Assembly-
Pole Mounted and Underground.

Fuse Box Assembly

BPC offers a pole mounted or underground fusebox, for isolating electrical faults to one intersection and preventing problems in other areas.

The pole mounted fuse box is 1.6mm aluminium alloy and the finish is semi gloss black.

The underground fuse box is watertight for underground applications.

Each fuse box is supplied with a spare fuse link.

Lantern Accessories

Mounting Brackets Target Board

1. Lower Mounting- 4 point and 2 point
2. The Lock- Washer
3. A Lantern Mounting Strap- in a range of sizes
4. A 200mm 3 Aspect Target Board- in a range of sizes

BPC also offers both open and closed visors for traffic signals in 200mm size and a variety of brackets.

All BPC's traffic signal products are compliant with the Australian Standards and the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority equipment specifications, assuring you of their quality.

Other products available from BPC:

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