Bob Panich Consultancy Pty Ltd.Supplier and project management company of specialised electro-mechanical products for traffic signals. Pedestrian Push Buttons. Pedestrian Lantern. Traffic Signal Lantern
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Bob Panich Consultancy Pty Ltd  is a Quality Endorsed  Company with international and local clients including Telstra, the State Rail Authority, the Roads and Traffic Authority and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School...
BPC Products
Bob Panich Consultancy Pty Ltd is a Quality Endorsed Company with international, local and interstate clients including Telstra and NDC, the NSW SRA, NSW RTA and the Traffic Authorities throughout Australia.

BPC Products

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Traffic Signal Hardware. -Pedestrian Push Buttons. Traffic Lanterns. Accessible Systems.
Traffic Signal hardware

BPC Traffic Lantern

Features, Advantages and Benefits

Double Hinged Doors Ability to operate the doors from the left or right hand side. Easier access to the inside of the housing for lamp changing and maintenance.
Doors open with simple pin hinge device maintenance crews do not need to carry any special tools. Time and money saving.
Front Mount Lamp When the door is open there is no chance of maintenance crews giving an incorrect signal. Less chance of an accident resulting from maintenance work.
Rear Mount Lamp Ability to use anti-sun phantom device. The beam is semi-sealed. Allows one handed operation. Reduces incidence of incorrect signals and the amount of dust getting inside the reflector and onto the lamp. Frees one hand for other things.
IP 35 or 52:
Cast Aluminium: IP 52
Polycarbonate: IP 35
Protect the signal from the external environment. Increases the working life of the lantern. Reduces need for maintenance cleaning of inside of the lens.
Option of Aluminium or Polycarbonate Allows you to choose the type of signal best suits your needs. Improved return on authority investments.
Light Weight Makes it easier for maintenance crew to install. Reduces the incidence of injuries resulting from heavy lifting. Saves time during installation.
Toroidal Transformer Toroidals are superior to traditional transformers and are light weight. Reduces the overall weight of the lantern.
Utilises a low voltage lamp Has a long life of 6000 hours and uses only 35W. Saves electricity and money. Reduces maintenance costs.
Optics Keyed It is easy to assemble the optics correctly. The signal output in terms of the lumens and colour is always correct.

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