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Bob Panich Consultancy Pty Ltd  is a Quality Endorsed  Company with international and local clients including Telstra, the State Rail Authority, the Roads and Traffic Authority and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School...
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Bob Panich Consultancy Pty Ltd is a Quality Endorsed Company with international, local and interstate clients including Telstra and NDC, the NSW SRA, NSW RTA and the Traffic Authorities throughout Australia.

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Previous projects BPC has undertaken inlcuding Australian Navy, Telstra and RTA Australia, New Zealand
Previous projects BPC has undertaken inlcuding Australian Navy, Telstra and RTA

BPC's Past Projects

Bob Panich Consultancy has been a part of many projects including:

Traffic Signal Equipment. RTA, Australia and New Zealand.

Roads and Traffic Authority- BPC produces and supplies traffic signal equipment throughout New South Wales, Australia and also New Zealand. In the past 6 months our slice of the market has been increasing with great speed and the company is looking forward to expanding this part of our business.

Telecommunications equipment. Telstra, Australia.

Telstra Corporation, Australia- BPC has supplied transmission enclosures and associated equipment to Telstra for 7 years. Since winning a five year contract in 1991 for type 84A and B racks, BPC continues to supply transmission installation material. BPC also assists in the design of new brackets and shelving as the need arises.

Communications Equipment. SRA, NSW Australia.

State Rail Authority, New South Wales, Australia- Bob Panich Consultancy is currently at the prototype stage for the design of a "Help Point". This is an intercom point that will allow commuters to register a distress signal with a centralised control room.

Communications and Data equipment. Australian Film, Television and Radio School.
The Australian Film, Television and Radio School- This project involved 600 000 connections "to" and "from" with facilities for both remote and intermediate patching. Project management included reticulation and patch panel design, labour for installation and the ability to connect, test and commission (affirmation) the completed work. The school considered the computer generated wiring well above average.

Communications Equipment. New Parliament House.

New Parliament House, Canberra, Australia- BPC did consult and prepare the basic design and cost structure for tender documents. In 1987 we managed those contracts. The contracts were over a period of three years and the total amount valued at $8 million. The contracts involved reticulation channels and sound reinforcements for the Committee Rooms, Cardiac Arrest Points, Acoustic Grills, Cabinet Room Lighting, Winches, and a number of smaller contracts. Each of these contracts was met in less than the scheduled time.

Communications Equipment. Royal Australian Navy submarines.

Wormald Technology- The Royal Australian Navy subcontracted Wormald Technology to supply cabinets that house the computer equipment for the submarine's control and monitoring system. Bob Panich Consultancy Pty Ltd won the sub-contract to supply Wormald Technology the 72 cabinets of various shapes and sizes. The cabinets will withstand the stringent environment and the RF requirements of the submarine's 15G shock, vibration, IP23 and EMI shielding to MIL-STD-461.

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