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Bob Panich Consultancy Pty Ltd  is a Quality Endorsed  Company with international and local clients including Telstra, the State Rail Authority, the Roads and Traffic Authority and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School...
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Bob Panich Consultancy Pty Ltd is a Quality Endorsed Company with international, local and interstate clients including Telstra and NDC, the NSW SRA, NSW RTA and the Traffic Authorities throughout Australia.

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Traffic Signal Hardware. -Pedestrian Push Buttons. Traffic Lanterns. Accessible Systems.

Accessible Pedestrians Systems

Features, Advantages and Benefits

Reliability The BPC audio and tactile system is extremely reliable.
Thousands of BPC pushbuttons are helping pedestrians cross their roads in Australia and countries of South East Asia, Europe and the US. In the period of nearly twenty years of supply no single driver unit or a pushbutton has been returned faulty.
The BPC product has an excellent history of reliability. You can rest easy when you install a BPC product.
Microprocessor Driven Increases flexibility in design and creates the ability to customise features. You get a customised product that meets the specific needs of your community.
Tactile Arrow Points to the direction of the intersection. Indicates to a pedestrian to which intersection the button relates. Assists the vision impaired person align themselves with the crosswalk.
Location of Speaker (transducer) The sounds are emitted from a transducer located in the push button, not in the pedestrian head. Increases useability. The location of the transducer increases the localizability of sounds for users.
Pulsating Action of the Transducer The push button pulsates simultaneously with the emitting sounds providing vibro-tactile information. Assists hearing impaired users.
Microphone and AGC (Automatic Gain Control) Constantly measures the ambient noise. The driver responds by adjusting the volume of the audible output for both the "walk" and "don't walk" tones. AGC ensures that pedestrians can hear the APS without unnecessary noise. AGC reduces noise pollution and therefore increases product acceptance within the community.
Locating Tone Allows users to find the push button and informs the pedestrian that the crosswalk is currently in a "don't walk" phase. Increases useability of the crosswalk and the APS.
Transitional Tone Alerts pedestrians to the walk cycle. By increasing the speed at which pedestrians step off the curb it gives them greater time to cross.
Demand Indicator Assures the sighted person that they have placed a call to the controller for a walk interval. Gives the sighted greater confidence with the APS and will encourage the user to wait for the "walk" phase.
Demand Tone Assures both sighted and vision impaired pedestrians that they have placed a call to the controller for a "walk" cycle. Gives both sighted and vision impaired pedestrians greater confidence with the APS.
Large Button The actuating button is very large: 50mm in diameter. Makes it easier to acuate the button.
Positive Feedback With or without either the demand indicator or tone, the button gives users positive feedback. Positive feedback reassures pedestrians that the button is working.
Minimum Voltage Cut Out If the voltage on the intersection falls below a minimum level as the result of an intersection fault or accident, the APS will divert back to the locating tone (if in the middle of a "walk" phase) and or continue to emit a locating ("don't walk") tone. It is a simple process to set this at any required voltage level. Increases the safety of the intersection and the APS for vision impaired pedestrians.
Stainless Steel Push Button Unlike our opposition's button, the BPC actuator button is solid stainless steel. This is in line with the Singapore LTA Specification clause II.2.f. (The opposition's button is plastic coated with a thin cover of stainless steel. Reduces the effects of vandalism and increases the life of the button.
Quality The entire product is produced to the highest standards of quality. To protect and maintain the quality, the module has a conformal coating. Increased life of the entire system and reduced cost of maintenance.

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